And we’re back!

Due to the popularity of Facebook over the last few years, our website has been dormant. Our Facebook page is the source of much of our info, from auditions, ticket sales, and production dates, to various information about our cast, crew, and season. The idea is to have this site running alongside the Facebook page, so anyone can access the information they are looking for.

Stay tuned for updates about our 36th musical production, Singin in the Rain!

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Strathclair Drama Club to Present Thirtieth Production

The Strathclair Drama Club is currently preparing for their thirtieth annual production. Over the years, the Drama Club has come to be known to audiences as a place where artistic talent is cultivated and showcased through the annual musical productions. For club members, it has become a place where everyone’s artistic ability has a chance to grow and flourish, and where long time friendships develop. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Strathclair Drama Club, the 2012 play has been deemed a “reunion” play. As such, we are calling all past, present, and future drama members to sign up to work behind the scenes or audition for this exciting musical experience!

Ragtime – the Musical is based on L.L. Doctorow’s novel Ragtime. The operetta is set during the turn of the twentieth century in America. It features three distinct chorus groups: the people of New Rochelle, including the well-to-do family of Father, a fireworks manufacturer, Mother, Little Boy, Mother’s Younger Brother, and Grandfather; the people of Harlem, which includes a ragtime pianist named Coalhouse Walker, his girlfriend, Sarah; and the immigrants from Ellis Island, namely Tateh and his little girl.
Thrown into the mix of diverse characters includes those based on real-life history makers, such as: Booker T Washington, Harry Houdini, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Evelyn Nesbit, & Emma Goldman. Throughout the play, the three groups become intertwined in a complex and gripping storyline. Paths cross in unimaginable ways, offering the audience a moving, funny, and tragic storyline, as well as a hope for the future that is yet to be.

Auditions for Ragtime – the Musical will be held at the Bend Theatre in Strathclair in the evening on Friday October 14th and in the morning and afternoon of Saturday, October 15th. There are 16 lead and supporting parts along with roles for over 40 people. There are parts for adults, teens and children. Specific children’s roles are for children within the following ranges: a 3-5 year old boy, a 5-8 year old girl, and a 8-12 year old boy.

For more information, to book an audition, or to sign up for consideration in the chorus, please call Producer Clare Branson at 365-2213 between 5:00 and 9:00 pm or email If you are interested in a lead/supporting role, or are new to the club, you must book an audition time. Those auditioning must prepare one vocal selection of your own choice approximately 3 minutes in length as well as one spoken selection approximately 1 minute in length. If you are new and only interested in chorus work, please only prepare a song. If you are interested in the chorus and have been in the drama club before, you are still asked to call and register.

Please be advised that while we do not want to turn anyone away, we are working with limited stage space. In the event that there is an overwhelming interest in the production, we may not be able to cast everyone in a role or chorus. If you are interested in signing up to be a part of a crew (such as backstage, lights/sound, costumes, props, makeup): please contact Clare Branson.
By: Courtney Newton and Beccy Ardiel

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Tickets for Grease on Sale March 22, 2011

Grease runs at the Bend Theatre in Strathclair from Monday, April 11 to Saturday April 16th. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, March 22nd at 10:00 am for in person and phone sales. The box office will stay open until 6:00 pm on the 22nd and will be open from 10:00 to noon, Monday to Friday from March 23rd until April 8th. Tickets are $15.00 for floor seats and $10.00 for balcony seats. For tickets, please call the box office at 365-2436.

The Strathclair Drama Club’s production of Grease will take you back in time to 1959. Back when slicked back hair, leather jackets, bobby socks, and poodle skirts were at the height of fashion, and everyone wanted to be a T-Bird or a Pink Lady. It reminds audiences of a simpler time, but its themes of friendship, love, and teen rebellion, and social issues like teen pregnancy and gang violence are universal.

The stage version of Grease, written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, premiered at the Kingston Mines Theatre in Chicago in 1971. In 1972, it moved to Broadway. Grease closed in 1980 after 3,388 performances, the thirteenth longest run for a Broadway show. The movie adaptation premiered in just a few years later in June of 1978, and it the highest grossing film of the year, and the highest grossing movie musical of all time. The film version included some different songs that featured Olivia Newton-John. Subsequent productions have added these songs to their program because of their popularity. Audiences should note that this production contains coarse language and adult references that some viewers may find offensive.

The team of directors Lori Voth, Shirley Martin and Joanna Tolton has been putting the cast through their paces, learning lines and music. For some, it has meant re-learning the music in parts or how this particular arrangement has written the music. Choreographers Melissa Clark, Mary Dalton, Kiera Dragan, Kaitlyn Henderson, Brooke Mathison, Shawna McCrimmon, and Veronique Mowbray have joined them. They have been working with the cast to perfect dance the sequences that go hand in hand with the toe-tapping music. Neil Gamey leads an eight-piece band, made up of himself, Robyn Comrie, Val Gamey, Josh Gogal, Karen Gamey Koscielny, Zach Koscielny, Sheona Smith and Reggie Waddell.

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2009 AGM and Supper


SUNDAY, October 25


SUPPER: 6:00 p.m. MEETING: 7:30 p.m.

COST: $7.00 per person

RSVP by October 21st /09 to

Clare Branson 365 2213

A bit of information about the annual meeting:

All board of directors seats are remaining the same, except for sets & make-up. There will only be elections for these 2 seats. If you would like to be on one of these seats or know anyone who would please join us at the annual meeting.

The directors for the 2010 production of "Big River" will do a presentation on the play. Also you can pick up an audition package at the meeting. We ask that you come at 5.30PM to do this. If you have any questions the directors will be there early to help with any information you might want to know.
There will also be some discussion on creating another seat on the board for computer tech.

Lori Voth. (Director).

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2009 The King and I Cast and Crew List

2009 The King and I


Beccy Ardiel, David Bos, Clare Branson, Josh Butler, Danielle Clark, James Comrie, Robyn Comrie, Jacinta Doupe, Jolene Drake, Meghan Drake, Sarra Dziver, Elwood Fawcett, Murray Hagyard, Sarah Hamel, Barbara Hamilton, Chayce Hanson, Dana Hanson, Tanner Hanson, Kanae Ikatura, Grant Johnson, Quinn Johnson, Grace Kang, Stephen Kang, Daniel Kang Emily Kingdon, Glen Kingdon, Rebecca Kingdon, Greg Kirk, Emma Jean Koscielny, Michael Kreshewski, Chris Martin, Duncan Martin, Rowena Martin, Jordan Moffat, Kennedy Moffat, Ashton Mychasiw, Bill Mychasiw, Courtney Newton, Jordyn Paddock, Andrea Playter, Alexander Pratt, Emily Pratt, John Pratt, Jean and Samantha Roche, Sheila Runions, Hayley Ryznar, Pam Ryznar, Joanna Tolton, Dan Voth


Courtney Newton

Audition Assistants

Clare Branson, Neil Gamey, Val Gamey, Barry McNabb

Board of Directors/Executive

Isobel Basso, Janice Dalton, Neil Gamey, Chris Martin, Gordon McDonald, Courtney Newton, Susan Pratt, Marg Rapley, Willie Voth, Verna Wilson

Backstage Crew

Russ Hamilton, Glen Kingdon, Dale Newton, Stan Runions

Choreography Assistant

Kristel Boyd


Darci Baker, Josh Baker, Tammy Baker, Lisa Cochrane, Elieen Corbey, Cheryl Glenn, Jessie Glenn, Shelley Glenn, Belinda Hazelwood, Rob Holts, John Kang, Sharon Kang, Brenda Lamb, Shaylyn Lamb, Debby Lee, Adrienne Lennox, Allison Lennox, Vivian McDonald, Roselyn McDonald, Joby Moffat, Kim Moffat, Gale Nagorski, Betty Pierce, Marg Rapley, Diane Robertson, Elaine Roth, Charlene Shurvell, Matthew Urichuk, Teresa Urichuk, Sherry Woywada


Mary Dalton, Karen Gamey-Koscielny, Shirley Martin, Courtney Newton

Language Consultants

Grace Kang, Sharon Kang

Lighting, Sounds and Projections

Ivan Braschuk, Don Cochrane , Stacey Greavett, Charlie McNabb, Darlene McNabb, Willie Voth, Dale Watson

Make-Up and Hair

Roslyn Aikman, Beccy Ardiel, Anita Borreson, Beatrice Butler, Janice Dalton, Jody Doupe, Elsie Dereniwski, Linda Dereniwski, Kathy Fraser, Jen Kienas, Mary McDonald, Susie Paddock, Jo-Anne Peech, Roberta Watson

Orchestra—Music Director, Pianists, Musical Coach

Neil Gamey, Val Gamey, Elizabeth Gebauer, James Kingdon, Katharine Kingdon, Mike Urichuk-Knight, Kate Blair-Kopytko, Kent McConnell Sheona Smith, Bonnie Sprott, Eddie Waddell


Debby Lee, Courtney Newton


Enid Clark, Kim Moffat


Chris Martin, Lois Ostash, Stan Runions

Rehearsal Pianist

Shirley Dyck

Sets (construction, maintenance, design)

Glen Kingdon, Scott Kingdon, Chris Martin

Special Thanks

Strathclair Community School, Strathclair Baptist Church, Lisa Vasconcelos and Mecca Productions, Beth Butterfield, Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School, Sherry Wallman, Rapid City School Grade 5 and 6 class

Ticket/Box Office

Edith Anderson, Clare Branson, Shirley Brereton, Marg Chastko, Linda Earl, Shirley English, Irene Gamey, Audrey Gerrard, Jane Gerrard, Cheryl Goudy, Brenda Lamb, Donna Mackie, Reva Martin, Diane Mistal, Barb Mowbray, Helen Olver, Marg Rapley, Verna Wilson


Bing Bradley, Joy Bradley, Shirley Brereton, Jody Bryce, Owen Bryce, Linda Earl, Donna Gill, Orville Grills, Shirley Grills, Verna Lou Martin, Kathy McKerchar, Carla Mervyn, Maureen Mervyn, Barb Mowbray, Cheryl Ulrich, Jim Wilson


Gwen Drul, Jean Fortune, Barb Moffat, Susan Pratt, Marguerite Wareham, Shirley Wareham

***We apologize for any errors or omissions. ***

Link to ACT ONE Photos:

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Strathclair Drama Club Production Coming Soon

The Strathclair Drama Club’s presentation of "The King and I" is set to hit the stage of the Bend Theatre from April 20th-25th, 2009. The cast and crew are feverishly preparing what they hope will be another first class show. The cast and orchestra have been rehearsing each week since the beginning of January to learn lines and music.

Behind the scenes, equally important work has been going on to ensure that the production runs smoothly. Each of the department heads has been working with their crews to organize the big and small details within their department. With over 160 people involved on stage and behind the scenes this year, the annual production is and always has been a group effort. The club has truly become a regional group, with members coming from at least seventeen different communities.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, March 31st at 10:00 am at the Bend Theatre. Floor seats cost $15.00 and balcony seats cost $10.00. You can buy the tickets in person or by calling 365-2436. The box office will be open on the 31st from 10am – 8pm, and then from 10-12 weekdays from April 1st through April 17th. It will also be open in the evening during the production week. This is a great chance to see some of the many very talented people from Strathclair, Newdale, Shoal Lake, Oakburn, Elphinstone, Brandon, Minnedosa, Clanwilliam, Crandall, Kenton, Rapid City, Virden, Onanole, Erickson, Oak River, Rivers and Portage La Prairie. The doors of the theatre open at 9:00 on the first day of ticket sales. Be sure to get your tickets early before they sell out!

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The King and I Cast Announcement

Strathclair Drama Club Announces Cast for 2009 Production

Preparations for the Strathclair Drama Club’s 27th annual production of The King and I are off to a good start. After auditioning 70 very talented people, the production team consisting of Shirley Martin, Mary Dalton, Karen Gamey-Koscielny and Courtney Newton would like to share the list of cast members for the upcoming production. James Comrie will play the role of the authoritative King of Siam. Andrea Playter will play the headstrong teacher, Anna. Barbara Hamilton will play the King’s first wife. Jolene Drake and Robyn Comrie will play Tuptim, who is sent from Burma as a gift from that country’s king. The Burmese ambassador and Tuptim’s boyfriend, Lun Tha will be played by David Bos and Dan Voth. Josh Butler will play Anna’s young son, Louis, and the Duncan Martin will assume the role of Prince Chululongkorn, the crown prince of Siam.

Captain Orton, the Captain of the ship that brings Anna and Louis to Siam will be played by Murray Hagyard. Greg Kirk will play the Krolohome, the Prime Minister of Siam, and Grant Johnson will play the role of the Royal secretary, Phra Alack. Grace Kang will assume the role of the interpreter, and Chris Martin will play Sir Edward Ramsey, a visiting dignitary from England and former lover of Anna.

The remainder of the King’s wives will be played by Joanna Tolton, Pam Ryznar, Jean Roche, Clare Branson, Dana Hanson, Sheila Runions, Beccy Ardiel, Quinn Johnson and Sarra Dziver. Since the king has many wives, it also stands to reason that he will have multiple children as well. Ashton Mycashiw, Stephan Kang, Alexander Pratt, Daniel Kang, Chayce Hanson, Michael Kreshewski, Tanner Hanson, Meghan Drake, Emily Pratt, Kennedy Moffat, Rowena Martin, Danielle Clark, Emma Jean Koscielny, Hayley Ryznar, Samantha Roche, Jordyn Paddock, and Jacinta Doupe will play his children.

Within the play, Tuptim, the wives and the Royal Players perform a play about the book “The Small House of Uncle Thomas”, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. The Royal Players will consist of Sarah Hamel, Grace Kang, Rebecca Kingdon, Emily Kingdon and Jordan Moffat. Elwood Fawcett, Greg Kirk, Murray Hagyard, John Pratt, Grant Johnson, Chris Martin, Glen Kingdon, Dan Voth, and David Bos will assume the roles of the Priests and Guards that live in the castle. Courtney Newton will be the royal gong player, Phra Khaawng.

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